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     Unlimited Freecall Team was running since 2010 and it is powered by a leading of VoIP product manufacturer >>COMPU-TECHNIC DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED in Hong Kong. Unlimited Freecall Global is the leading industry in providing VoIP service for the peoples who want to enjoy unlimited calls experience in anywhere. Freecall Global is committed to offer everyday for Freecall members achieve greater free minutes by making unlimited calls simple, affordable and accessible.

     Freecall is a membership based service that allow users to obtain unlimited free minutes and times to call the desired country where it is within Freecall standard service zone from anywhere in the world within a plan period. What an user (Freecall member) need should be he has to access internet before attempting to make freecall. But a great benefit from Freecall, all recipients will not be required internet accessing. Just use any traditional analog phones or mobile to get Freecalls through their local landline or mobile.

Ensure A Better Communication Life, Get A Freecall service subscription in one step.

Try to find if your calling country is within our standard coverage. Get the details at www.freecallnet.com/country-list

     If your desired country is not there, there is no problem for distributors or resellers. We shall open the route to your desired destination after you will become an authorized distributor or reseller. There will be a proposal for you to study how to involve to unlimited Freecall business and make your huge profit from the guide.

     As an end user, just getting start at Google Play and install the latest app for Freecall 3G SIP on Android. To make calls from the world without roaming to any 45 countries simpler and cheapper, user will get unlimited free minutes in a membership period for an as low as everyone acceptable membership cost. Only join Freecall membership either one plan from the the plan series by going through a several simple steps.

     As a reseller or distributor from world-wide, there is no need to invest any cost into a networking fundamental investment. Freecall team has built many servers in world-wide and maintainance the running service since 2010. We will release accounts to distributors and authorize them to resell accounts to end users for the Unlimited Freecall Plan. Resellers and distributors will make a huge profit from their mark up price based on the Freecall wholesale price for each initial sale plus annual fee of additional years in lifetime.

     This web gives you the updated and comprehensive information about the unique unlimited Freecall service on trade shows, details of each items and service plans. You can browse complete information of any models including organizer details, company profile and even after sales service as well as technical support.

     If you want to discuss further more for business opportunity, keep in contact with us at:

     email : free@freecallnet.com

     Skype: computec2000

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