Business Opportunity

     Become an Unlimited Freecall provider, you will be without heavy investments. Freecall Team offers hosted enterprise Class servers in difference countries of world wide. You can use it with our high-quality termination. No setup fee, no hidden payments. What you need will be working as a Freecall reseller to promote our Freecall membership account. Your customers are in the world-wide where within our service range. All of them will obtain unlimited free minutes and times to reach to either countries within one year or a plan period.

     If you have experience with VoIP or already in VoIP business, you can get benifit / new customers by introducesing some value added services on VoIP. Few value added services are mentioned in following, Within each service there are many choices.

     The Freecall membership is a plan for user to use the connection service to the world-wide based on the standard plan. If any country is not in our standard range, it isn't a matter because we will create a special connection pool for you in order to allow your clients able to reach to the specified destination. Like the country Bengladesh / Pakistan / Nepal/ Srilanka / Other Gulf-Countries /African countries where they are not yet to be available in our general service. We will open for you as a distributor for a full year (or like a short term plans in other opened countries) if you will fulfill the Freecall proposal.

     For marketing Freecall service, distributor will take profit from retail for each Freecall Account and user's annual fee of additional years service in lifetime. Not like other calling card providers, Usually, freecall user will alwasy come back to you for a renewal after year-end because we have no monthly phone bill and no hidden cost. Just make calls as long as user likes.

     Marketing for a standard plan, distributor who will provide Freecall Standard Plan to any general 45 countries where listing on Freecall standard range is required to buy a minimal quantities of accounts in order to get a wholesale offer. We required an order at least consisting 10 account without any monthly quota required. Distributor can determine if he will repeat order after all accounts in inventory sold or not. Anyway all his sold accounts will be valid 356 days for usage w/o any restriction since an account is activated by user starting to make a first call. Unsold accounts will still be valid in reseller invetory for one year since it was bought.

     For freecall to any special country, distributor will also be available to provide the Freecall service to a special country where it is not listing within Freecall standard service zone under a signed agreement. A monthly quota will be required and A quota quantity will be depend on the desired country from 10~ 50 accounts /month. It is because such cost will be paid to the local telecom of the desired country in order to get the access right for hooking up with the local trunk service. Once distributor place an order to fulfill a quota, a special pool for him will be created under the Freecall proposal. All accounts inside the pool will be available to call any cellphone and mobile in the desired special country plus other 45 general countries from anywhere of the world. So, distributor can promote the Freecall special accounts to wherever users are located who just to call the desired special country. The yearly service will be always remaining in the desired country subject to the distributor running the proposal. There will be no more quota required once distributor has over 1,000 active users already.

     Regarding Freecall quality, there are difference requirements between Freecall 2G vs 3G plan technology. For most of current openning countries, we are offering Freecall 3G connection except China /Taiwan / Thailand / India. What the distributor need to concern is the caller to be required a good steady internet speed for Freecall 3G plan. All recipients are not required internet accessing. They just pick up a freecall with their any kind of classic cellphone or landline like they are using a domestic phone service usually. Under Freecall-3G connection, talking with a smooth conversation is fully depend on internet quality. Caller must obtain a download and upload speed higher than 0.3Mpbs or 300Kbps (40KBps). If user expect a crystal sound quality, his network speed must be required higher than 1Mbps or 128KBps. The diagnostic result is refered to the Free App from which be available to install from the Google Play into any mobile and visit the web with a PC.

     If distributor observe a local network speed for domestic callers is not fulfilled our Freecall minimal requirement, Freecall-2G plan will be a good solution in those undeveloped countries. With the advanced Freecall technology, caller and recipient will become both as a recipient party. So, there is no need internet assisting during a call is built even caller's internet might be broken due to network fluctuation. Freecall-2G will not drain any caller's traffic from data plan or wifi. Just need 2G data plan or worst 3G to run at the beginning of a few seconds of each calling. In order to achieve the service, distributor is required to signed an agreement with Freecall to guarantee a monthly quata for remaining the connection continually within a contract period. A quota will be nigotiated against difference country because an accessing FEE to a local trunk will be difference.

     If you are concerning to an activation against each Freecall account which distributor bought for inventory, the Freecall fair policy will protect their accounts to be always safe before sold. Each account will be activated and recorded on Freecall service automatically once it will be dialed for 10 times sucsessfully or an accumulated talk duration over 10 minutes. Then, this account is activated and the Freecall membership will start to count for 365 days.

     In order to allow distributor to manage all his accounts like an online telecom company, Freecall will provide a free control panel to a distributor who already has over 100 accounts. Distributor will able to release any short plans to users like weekly / monthly / seasonal / 6M /yearly as many as he wants. He can block /suspend/ resume / trace call/ time/ minute usage/ as many as the service need to query.

     In order to prevent illegal usage, distributor need to advice all clients to know that Freecall does not allow any double login event. One account will be configured for one user only and not be allowed to share for multi-users. Each Freecall account has obtained a yearly (or other short term plans) Freecall membership and will has unlimited Free Credits to make calls within a valid period. Also, same account for an user has to be avoided to login with more than one mobile or device at same time. Be sure quit the app from one before trying to use another in case he has two mobiles in order to avoid created two ip registering on our server at same moment.

     Freecall App is also available as an OEM / whitelabel solution license and can be customized on demand. Call us for your tailor maded App and how will be published on the Google Play and Apple Store.

     For the payment, we will accept it through the Western Union; Money Gram; Bank T/T from distributor /Reseller only.

     If you will are interesting to involve Freecall business, you can ask for the best offer for the lowest price after read this article completely