Frequency Questions & Answers
Model: IPcall-200

-  How can I connect the Desktop phone to my network in Office and Home?

See the installation map as Fig.1

-  Register seems OK. How can I make Freecall correctly after register successfully?

You have to follow the Freecall dialing rule to make any free calls. See the DIALING rule as below:

To call tradition Phone No, always dial 900 +Country code +Phone number

For example: Call to India Cellphone: Try to call 900 91 9137002601

To call other Freecall member, just dial the desired Freecall member account directly.

For example: Call to Freecall Help Hotline: Dail 80085588 directly (900 +country code are not required)

-  How can I classify my internet box to be a Router or a Modem?

Usually, a router will consist 4 lan ports on the rear. If for a modem, it will come with onev in and one out only. If you observe it also consist a several ports but each is assigned with difference port name, mostly it is a modem. If there is an antenna on a box, also you can see 4 lan ports in the rear, be sure it is a router.


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