Frequency Questions & Answers
Model: IPcell-500-IPhone/IPad

-  I installed the Zoiper SIP already. How to setup correctly?

Once your download is completed, just click the file link or from your download folder. The installation will be excuted automatically. Follow the steps as below to modify the default settings as the new advised from Fig.2 ~ Fig.4, In order to view clearly, we suggest you will view the set up images with your computer or tablet.

-  Register seems OK. How can I make Freecall correctly after register successfully?

You have to follow the Freecall dialing rule to make any free calls. See the DIALING rule as below:

To call tradition Phone No, always dial 900 +Country code +Phone number

For example: Call to India Cellphone: Try to call 900 91 9137002601

- How to make intercall?

To call other Freecall member, just dial the desired Freecall member account directly.

For example: Call to Freecall Help Hotline: Dail 80085588 directly (900 +country code are not required)

- I am wondering sometimes I heard announcment said that "Insufficient Money for current call"?

It is not a real problem on freecall. Usually it was caused by poor network on local or destination at fluctuation moment because too much data packets were lost. So the termination trunk server on local telecom could not verify such kind of calling and always move it to "No money" processing. To resolve a problem, just dial again or call later.

- Why I was broken after a short fixed time (Often be observed from 30 seconds to 3 min.) for every calls?

Freecall does not block any usual conversation except a call is over 20 min. For your case, it was usually caused by the local internet provider. So, you can try to exchange for another network like from data plan to WiFi. Freecall allow user to make each call duration upto MAx. 20 min. and accept unlimited redials until to complete your conversation

- Can I configure my account on both mobile and tablet or PC at same time?

No. It is not allowed. You will create a double login issue which is defined an illegal event. Server will block any illegal usage while it detect 2 ip of one account registered. Freecall request user to register on server with one device only at same time.

- Why I could not call from Phone book even I have created the field with the prefixed 900 already? But I could call the same phone No. by hand entry.

Usually, it was caused by creating the phone record with a wrong method. the phone record was including symbols or a symbol was hidden while you were doing for copy and paste. This issue will always create a wrong dialing  due to server does not recognize your dialed No.   What you can do for creating a record to phone book is done by hand input directly.

- Why I got error code "488"/not acceptable here sometimes while calling to India /PK / BD / Nigeria or those undeveloped region. But there was no problem I just called to other modern country?

 You need to enable the G.729 codec which found in the set up menu >Audio Codecs. It is useful to make your voice packets to be much smaller that allow your calling more easily to go through a narrow bandwidth or quality worst network. Please note that this codec might be an in-app purchase item in most of free apps which you can download from the Google play. You will be asked for about $US 8.00 of a license fee for life time usage.

- My recipient said my voice is not so clear, what can I do for a better improvement?

  First of all, you need to make few times for network diagnostic with our recommended app in order to make sure your network will be enough to fulfill the minimal technical requirement. Download it from the Apple Store for "SPEEDTEST.NET". Then you can see if the network speed will be faster than 0.3Mbps either up and download. In case it will be lower, just simply to change for another network or move to a new place to try until to you have a stable high speed before making calls.

  Also, you can push the G.729 codec to be the top priority on the low band tab if you observe the issue often happen in using data plan. If you have not G.729 codec pre-installed in the app, you need to consider to buy it.

  Also, too much weakly signal strength of wifi or data plan 3G/4G also be a reason to cause poor sound quality issue. So, we suggest you to look for a reasonable place that you can get the signal strength level higher than two marks.

- I am having a single side audio issue. I could not hear other side but recipient heard me very clear.

  Just simply to turn ON the STUN Server in the set up menu to remove this problem. But it is a toggle function that you might need to turn it OFF on the other network for the same problem.


Do you still have problem? For most questions, you may find a proper answer from our online FAQ. If you could not find a desired Model in here, Get back SUPPORT for a way to reach us