Freecall Box (ATA)

Model No: IPbox-300
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     It is an ATA device that ideal for users who wish to use their existing Cordless / DECT phone or any kind of traditional home phones to make unlimited free calls through internet or make call through a traditional landline. It means that a local phone line and the internet cable from a router can be linked up together to your home phone at a time. Then, the Home Phone be available ready to call to India and other 45 countries through the Freecall Box since it will be registered automatically. You will make and receive calls through landline as usual or other FREECALL-phones to / from all over the world at any time, any place. The home phone will supports all services what it did as the local telecom is providing. Of course a great benefit from this ATA Freecall box is allow user to make calls for oversea or domestic that are totally free.

     Applying for a small business, this Freecall box also support any analog PABX system. You can upgrade your analog PBX for an IPBX with one or more IPBox-300 depend on how many incoming landlines configuring on customer’s system. Once the upgraded system will be done, all of extensions will be available to make either Freecall or Landline as a single user to enjoy unlimited Freecall service.

     Suppose you also connect your local landline to the box already, by default, our setting for making calls will be always going through Freecall server. But you can also select your usual landline by pressing "00" key to make a call for local or long distance in case the country is out of our coverage. Normally on stand by mode, the telephone will always receive calls either from the landline or FREECALL through internet.


  • Link up your home phone to Internet for unlimited Freecall and your existing landline for traditional call through local telecom provider.

  • Compatible for your existing small PBX system to allow all extensions to make unlimited Freecall.

  • Call to 45 countries with unlimited free minutes within a full year or other special plan option.

  • Call to any other Freecall member’s phone without a country restriction in the global.

  • No need computer or other device to assist for working.

  • Just need to plug it into a router which running DHCP protocol.

  • No sign up; No Customer private information required. Just connect your analog home phone to perform Plug and Call feature.

  • Support any cordless phone/ DECT Phone/ Corded Home-Phone.

  • Similar as any usual calling, just dial “900” and country code +Phone No.

  • Equipped a single Hub to allow internet to be shared with one more device like a PC .

  • Internal setup interface will be available for special in need setup depend on a system operating by distributor.




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