Freecall USB Dongle

Model No: IPcall-100
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     This USB Dongle comes with the advanced VoIP technology. It works as a global phone that allow you to chained with your keys for out- going. You don’t need a phone, just find a PC / Laptop / or netbook.No any software to be required to Install on computer, No setup, Just take easy to Plug and Call.

     Wherever you are, once plug it into a computer and access to internet through WiFi or 3G /4G, then, you computer will become an amazing personal TELEPHONE. Now, you can call any landline or cellphone for FREE in India and other 45 countries. Also, it is only for making unlimited Freecall, the Freecall dongle is bundled with Free-TV global channels program which allow users to enjoy World-wide movies and Real-time TV news.

     Freecall is a membership based service to be offered to world-wide users. Once an user become a freecall member, he will obtain unlimited free credits to call India and other 45 countries in Global within a full year plan or other special plans offered from distributor and reseller.

     Operate with this USB Dongle, just need to plug a headset to PC, pressing the Keypad for your desired destination no. directly according to Freecall dialing rule: 900 + Country code +Phone No.

     A convenient user interface allow you to make a call like you are making call in domestic after selected your country located. It means you don’t need to dial our prefix No. 900 and country code if you just want to make any domestic calls. An unlimited phone book will help you to manage a huge quantity of recipients information and just need a touch to reach to either of them. Not only call to India, you will also reach to the Global. To see where you will able to call under our standard service range, please refer to the link

USB Dongle Functions:

  • No software to be installed on a computer.

  • Just plug it to any PC/ Laptop / Netbook to work.

  • Call to 45 countries with unlimited free minutes within a full year or other special plan option.

  • Call to any other Freecall member’s phone without a country restriction in the global.

  • Just 3 steps to finish an account setup.

  • Automatic login once run this dongle.

  • No sign up; No Customer private information required. Just connect your analog home phone to perform Plug and Call feature.

  • Available to omit the Prefix No.900 and country code for calling domestic.

  • Similar as any usual calling, just dial “900” and country code +Phone No.

  • One touch to enjoy internal Global TV.

  • Support VPN and DID add-on service.

  • Make/Receive VoIP calls over WiFi; or 3G / 4G.

  • Create unlimited phone book contact list.

  • Call log for calls history details.

  • DTMF 2833 for accessing ATM.

  • Built-in G.729 ; G.711u ; G.711a codecs.

  • Handfree supported and volume adjustable.

  • Microphone level adjustable.

  • Built in Internet Diagnostic feature.




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