Freecall Desktop Speakerphone

Model No: IPcall-200
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Price: $30.00$40.00
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     This is an user friendly desktop type VoIP phone that allow anyone just plug it into a traditional Router in office or home to make unlimited Free calling to India and other 45 countries in the world. A Plug and Call function will remove any headache issue on any setting for end user. Come with 100 phone book in a large ROM memory as well as 10 one touch speed dialing memory keys in the phone, Freecall user bring this phone into luggage with him to travel around the world, just plug with a LAN cable in Hotel without any setting, you will make calls like you are working in your original office.


  • Call to 45 countries with unlimited free minutes within a full year or other specified plans.

  • Call to any other Freecall member’s phone without a country restriction in the global.

  • No need computer or other device to assist for working.

  • Just need to plug it into a router which running DHCP protocol.

  • No sign up; No Customer private information required.

  • Just buy a phone and Plug and call.

  • Similar as any usual calling, just dial “900” and country code +Phone No.

  • Equipped with 100 phone book with named plus 10 speedy call buttons.

  • Speaker phone and Hold functions.

  • Support international networks like DHCP router / ADSL Modem / Static IP.

  • Equipped a single Hub to allow internet to be shared with one more device like a PC.

  • Internal setup interface will be available for special in need setup depend on a system operating by distributor.

  • Two dialing modes. 1 Calling as usual desktop phone; 2 Dialing as a mobile




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