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Model: FreecallTV-700

Model:   IPcall-200

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  • Obtain your Freecall Account here:
  • Trial Account Available for Evaluation: Reach to USA/Canada/Hong Kong/China/India with 20 min for free


  • Official Account Subscription:Official Plan options:6M /Yearly.

    App for Android Mobile

    Brand: Samsung/LG/Any Android OS
    App Name on Google Play:
    Freecall 3G 5.0 on Android ver 4~5.x
    On Google



    Android 6.0.x


    Android 7.0.x
    On Web



    This App 6.0 is from our Sponsor.

    App Name: Zoiper IAX SIP

    Note before installing either App: You have obtained a freecall account information firstly.


    Get Started

         Freecall 3G SIP is a VoIP softphone that lets you make clear voice calls with your friends, family, colleagues and business partners even any peoples you never know them before. Unlike other software like Skype or Viber, it is designed with advanced SIP technology and can be used with Freecall provider for the unique unlimited Freecall service with a WiFi or 3G/4G internet connection. All recipients are not required internet accessing. This is a great benefit to our Freecall users to reach to anyone from anywhere.

         Once become a Freecall member, Freecall calls use your cellphone's internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes. Data traffics might apply. You will have no any roaming charge while you will make Free calls in anywhere internationally.

         Even you have no SIM card while you are traveling in the World, just make a Freecall easily through any WiFi in domestic. Your friends and family will get your call instantly. Also, you will keep in contact with office without interruption everydays.

        The app is completely free. Before downloading the App, you need to know Freecall is a membership based service and user need to select either one option from a several plans. User will receive the account details like account No, Password, User Guide after sign in for the service. Your official account will be released within one working day after finished your subscription. You will enjoy unlimited Freecall without any restriction during a desired plan period. No any hidden cost; No longer get any phone bill. You will able to talk as long as you like. It is really FREE that you havn't seen before. Just one step for what you like to own it.


  • Simple Configuration.

  • Just 2 steps to finish an account setup.

  • Built-in Free codec: G.729; G.711a/b.

  • Selectable ring tone.

  • Speaker / Mic gain control.

  • Just need to plug it into a router which running DHCP protocol.

  • Enable/ disable STUN server.

  • Support VPN.

  • Similar as any usual calling, just dial “900” and country code +Phone No.

  • Available for DID to receive incoming calls from usual mobile and PSTN landline .

  • Make/Receive VoIP calls over WiFi; or 3G / 4G.

  • Access to existing contact list.

  • Log record for calling history.




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