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Freecall-TV Box (ATA + TV)

2 in 1 Set Top Box

Model: FreecallTV-700
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Price: $ On Promotion $120.00
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Freight Cost: By Speed post depend on country

     There are so many people enjoying Internet TV with a traditional set top box. But now, Freecall does release an unique FreecallTV box which you never seen before. It is including TV and Freecall 2 in 1 with a compact design. Just one box, you can make unlimited Freecall and also watch your region TV programs like Indian / Pakistan / Bangladesh/ Middle-east / Africa.

     Not only for Watch TV, It is also an device that allow users who wish to use their existing Cordless / DECT phone or any kind of traditional home phones to make unlimited free calls through internet or make call through a traditional landline. It means that a local phone line and the internet cable from a router can be linked up together to your home phone at a time. Then, the Home Phone be available ready to call to India and other 45 countries through the Freecall Box since it will be registered automatically. You will make and receive calls through landline as usual or other FREECALL-phones to / from all over the world at any time, any place. The home phone will supports all services what it did as the local telecom is providing. Of course a great benefit from this Freecall-TV box is allow user to make calls for oversea or domestic that are totally free.

     Unlimited Freecall and TV are both membership based service to be offered to world-wide users. Once an user become a freecall member, he will obtain unlimited free credits to call India and other 45 countries in Global within a full year plan and enjoy unlimited Free TV regional program for a full year.

     For unlimited Indian regional TV program, it is including most major TV and Movie channels in India and also covering many channels from Pakistan / Bangladesh as well as famous Global channels like International sports / BBC news ect…

For our Freecall service, not only free calling to India, you will also reach to the Global. To see where you will able to call under our standard service range, please refer to the link http://www.freecallnet.com/ country-list/


  • Offering a several program packages for TV Channels from India /Pakistan /Bangladesh /Middle-East /African /American /Taiwan /China.

  • Full English user interface and setup menu.

  • Running 4 Cores CPU .

  • Support HDMI full 1080P and AV output.

  • Call to 45 countries with unlimited free minutes within a full year or other special plan option.

  • Connect any analog home phone and Cordless phone to Internet for unlimited Freecall and also available to make calls through existing landline as usual.

  • Support VPN users who are in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

  • Just plug it into a router to work.

  • Available to receive incoming calls from usual mobile and PSTN landline.

  • Available with WiFi connection for TV receiving. (Frrecall require Lan cable connection)

  • Similar as any usual calling, just dial “900” and country code +Phone No.

  • Remote set for simply operation.

  • Two USB ports to accept third party APK installation (restriction free) and play back multimedia files.

  • Fully cover all Chinese TV and entertainment channels for life time usage. (Subcription fee is not required)




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