Freecall 2G Plan:

      Do you have a headache issue about slow network speed even using 3G data plan or you are still available with 2G service on mobile? Some cases like you are located in subway, countryside or even driving, you often access to internet with 2G connection only. Now, Freecall 2G is the service specially to resolve such problems. It isn't a matter that you just have a 2G /Edge network or your 3G data plan is very worst. This 2G solution provides an unique service for subscribers to make free calls to up to 9 countries with unlimited calls and minutes during a plan period. No other sub-charge or hidden cost will be required. Our dedicated routes are ideal for subscribers who want to call China / Hong Kong / India / Taiwan / Singapore / Thailand / USA / Canada / Nigeria. All recipients are without internet accessing and both parties will talk with crystal sound quality as clear as any usual GSM conversation.

      It is an amazing phone solution perfectly fit for all users who willing to save money for a huge phone calls and cut all roaming expenses. The Freecall 2G App enable your mobile Free calling through the VoIP Global Communication Network using either a 2G / 3G / 4G or WiFi internet without high speed connection. Just communicating with Freecall server for a few seconds, intelligent server will reach to your desired traditional cellphone or landline and call back to you at same moment in transparent processing. You will not be confusing a call back and just do as usual to hear a ring back without observed you become a recipient too. During a conversation, no longer need internet assisting even it might be broken. Therefore, it never exhaust your costly data plan traffics during unlimited talking. No longer receive a costly phone bill every month. Once setup an account, user will be no longer to pay for an expensive phone bill of domestic and international calls and roaming charges.

The service will be applied for Android user in China only. All other mobile platforms and freecall desktop devices or subscribers out of China are not available.

For end-user subscription fee: US$120/Year

     If you are a reseller and want to discuss for business opportunity how the Freecall-2G will be opened in your country, don't hesitate to contact with us at:

     Whatsapp : +852 97715888

     Skype: computec2000


     Contact Person: Gordon