Freecall DID Service:

      DID means Direct Inward Dialing. It is a virtual landline phone number offered by a local telecom. You can apply a DID from Freecall DID service to own a local virtual landline No. Everyone can call to your DID no any time from anywhere. Freecall-DID server will forward all incoming calls to any pre-set targets such as mobile phones, local landline or Freecall users in other country.

Applications & Benefits:

  • Freecall users can replace their conventional local numbers with DID numbers. Avoid paid for installing a real landline. For example: You can inform all peoples to call your DID, you will get them from your cellphone or either Freecall desktop device.

  • Avoid caller to pay an expensive long-distance IDD or roaming to reach you. For example: Suppose your family and most of friends are in USA, but you are in India. You can apply for an USA DID that allow all of them can call to your USA-DID. Then they just call your DID with a paid or free domestic calling but reach to you in India.
  • For business, enhance you local commercial image by hiding oversea Freecall contact. For example: Your branch in China and headquatar in China. You can obtain an USA-DID allow American end-users to reach to you without knowing you are really in China .
  • For countries where are out of Freecall standard service, Freecall users can still receive unlimited international calls via our devices (e.g. Mobile phones with Apps installed, IPbox-300, etc). This solution will avoid all callers to pay expensive IDD charges to reach to a Freecall receiver. Caller just make a domestic call and be able to reach to a Freecall user in oversea. For example: You are in Philippine where it is out of Freecall standard service range, your major business and customers are in Singapore. You can apply a Singapore-DID and request all clients by calling the Singapore-DID to reach you. Your Freecall device need to be always online to stand-by for getting incoming call.
  • See Where Your DID will be forwarded to the receiver:

    Case A: On the receiver, if the destination country where Freecall is opened for cellphone and landline, you will have three options to get a forwarding. So, you can order Forwarding to any Landline / Cellphone / Freecall Acc. or Freecall device.

    Case B: If the destination country of receiver where the Freecall is only opened for landline, you have two options. So, you can order Forwarding to any Landline / Freecall Acc. or Freecall device.

    Case C: In case there is no freecall service running in a special country where the receiver is located, you will have only one option. That means you just can order for forwarding to Freecall acc. or Freecall device only.

    Which party will be required to access to internet:

          With the Freecall-DID service, all callers and recipient are not required internet accessing under above Case A/B conditions. Only the recipient in the Case C must be required online to stand by.

    For a monthly fee for DID: A cost will be depend on a DID located country. Ask for a DID Cost in your country.

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