Freecall Intercall Service:

      Freecall intercall is a free service which allow one Freecall member to call another Freecall online member initiates through Freecall center directly. Intercall connection will no need to route through any public phone network. Two parties are connecting point to point directly and instantly in Freecall server. A help desk handles inbound calls as well, although calls may be made from you rather than any other Freecall members in anywhere of the world. Freecall center will handle either inbound or outbound calls exclusively or might deal with a combination of the two to provide help or technical support.

All official Freecall members do obtain this intercall feature for free. On the other hands, for all members who using mobile or desktop as well as ATA / FreecallTV for enjoying unlimited Freecall, Freecall will accept an application from member to request one more Free additional account on another mobile or IP phone device. It means you can call to any special country where Freecall official connection does not reach yet. What you need should \ be passed the Free additional account to another who might be your family member or friend in anywhere of the world. It is a FREE ACCOUNT absolutely.

Present your application to the email below  for FREE CHARGE. (Come with your official account in the application for our reference, you will get your Free Additional Account within 2 working days)

     If you want to discuss further more for business opportunity as well as the wholesale offer, attempt to contact with us at:

     Whatsapp : +852 97715888

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     Contact Person: Gordon