Freecall Standard Plan

     Standard plan allow subscribers to make free calls to 45 countries with unlimited times and unlimited minutes for a full year. One cost is for subscription w/o any hidden cost. Our dedicated server to link global routes for subscribers to enjoy unlimited free calls within our standard service zone like India / Indonesia / China / Taiwan ect ..

Freecall Special Plan

     If you may not find your expected country or cellphone network in the standard country list, the special plan will allow you to reach to most of countries on global. It is an add-on service for a basic member. One minimal add-on monthly cost will let you obtain unlimited minutes to a special country (Out of standard service zone).

Freecall 2G Plan

     This plan is ideal for peoples who having worst 3G data plan, even still using 2G network in the specified countries. It will support 2G/3G/WiFi networks and perform GSM quality as you are talking with your existing cellular provider. A great benefit for you that your data plan traffics will not be drained during unlimited conversation.

Freecall Add-on DID

   If you want to get incoming calls from normal phone networks, DID service can assist to do it. DID means Direct Inward Dialing which is a virtual landline offered by us. Freecall routes incoming calls to a Freecall pre-set target such as mobile, local phone or Freecall member. It means freecall device will receive any usual calling from anyone who make call as usual.

Freecall Add-on VPN

     All users in UAE /Saudi-Arabia are required VPN service in order to skip the blocking from the local network providers against all VoIP related services. Freecall VPN support other 3rd party VoIP providers too. It works residentially in your cellphone or router. You will be assigned an IP which not present your domestic location. So, you can register on VoIP .

Freecall Intercall

     Works like Skype, Viber and Whatsapp, Freecall member will call each other in the Global without country zone restriction. Caller ID will always come with each calls. The destination member will get your intercall in a second and will hear a sound better than any other instant calling tools because we provide dedicated bandwidth to each user.

FreeTV Taiwan

     Using our Freecall-TV set top box, you will have dual benefits that not only to enjoy entertainment, but also make unlimited Freecall. Our sponsor are offering Taiwan full channels that you will watch all of TV entertainments presenting in real time with one annual fee only. A thousand of free movies are waiting for your click on the botton linking to sponsor.

FreeTV India / Bangladesh / Pakistan Combo

     It should be a good sound to members who want to watch the channels from India / Pakistan /Bangladesh. With our set top box, you can make unlimited Freecall to the desired country even you are watching TV . Both for free absolutely without monthly bill on you. Just one annual fee to cover all. Easily renew for additional years.

FreeTV Middel East /Africa /India Combo

For Middle-East ;African members and Indian, we also fulfill your request that you always expect to enjoy the prorgam with indigenized elements. So, our sponsor has prepared more than 1,000 channels covering most of Gulf-countries and African plus India countries all in one subscription.

FreeTV American/UK/India Comdo

     Freecall-TV set top box also offer American plus UK / and Other regional countries like India 3 in 1 present to you. Subscribe a membership, not only many great movies and famous TV channels are ready for one year entertainment, but also make unlimited Freecall to allow you to reach to the Global.

FreeTV Thailand

Watch live internet tv in thailand and world wide, Live satellite TV, TV on PC, cable TV online, Broadband TV all in one from FreecallTV-Thailand program. We can allow you to install the amazing personal cinema on either cellphone or home TV through FreecallTV 2in1 box.

FreeTV Global (Free subscription)

This APK is pre-installed on FreeTV-123 and offer a great benefit that you will enjoy over 300 channels from global countries for free absolutely. All most channels are 720P or better. It contains a favorite folder to keep all of your desired channels to be your personal cinema

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