Freecall TV-Gulf Plan:

      Freecall Media TV 2 in 1 box offers Arabian+African plus India plan with 1,000 channels, including HD Movies and Real time TV from almost of Arabian and African countries plus India. And with the unique FreeTV box that lets you not only watch great shows, live TV but also puts you in touch with your friends around the world with your cellphone for free. Just sing up to optional both services.

      Freecall Media TV Gulf plus African package contain many famous Movies channels, Sky Sports channels, A great array of kids channels and live TV channels from most of countries in Middle-East and African. Get the channel list from our download page.

 to see your familiar TV channels in this Program Pack


      One cost to allow you to make unlimited Freecall to either country in our standard service range within a full year. No monthly fee and hidden cost. If you want to reach to your desired country where is out of the range, there will be no problem to allow you to make unlimited Freecall when you grab the affordable add-on. However, it is only US$ 5 up

      User subscription fee will be optional paid for Gulf plus African TV program and unlimited Freecall. Click here   to ask for the latest offer and promotion activity in TV or Freecall.

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     Whatsapp : +852 97715888

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