Softphone on PC /Laptop

Brand: FREECALL-Softphone
Program Ready on Website:
Freecall 1.7-3PC
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Price: Free$1.00
Official Plans:1 month/6M /Yearly
Trial Acc. will reach to USA/Canada/Hong Kong/China/India with 20 min free only
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     This softphone on PC is ideal for most of users in those undeveloped countries where they could not enjoy Freecall with worst 3G data plan; And, someone need to make calls through PC in office; For you to being travel in the world, you may think always would like to install a softphone into your laptop because it is more easier to access internet than with your cellphone in some places. Due to as we know that internet speed under WiFi or with a Lan cable is much faster and reliable than 3G, so, the Freecall softphone will eliminate all fluctuations on poor 3G and allow you to communicate with peoples under WiFi or Lan.

     It support all Windows verions as WinXP; WinVista; Win7; Win8 with well internet connected under WiFi or a lan cable connected. The softphone will be resident in user's PC without other hardware assisted for application. Only a stereo earphone or headset will be required. Also with a great benefit for user, it is not become a Freecall phone to reach the world but also to be a great personal TV for entertainment even you are talking with friend.

    Before downloading the software, you need to know Freecall is a membership based service and user need to select either one option from a several plans. User will receive the account details like account No, Password, setup guide. Once become a Freecall member, Freecall use your wifi or modem connection. So, you will have no any roaming charge while you will make Free calls in anywhere internationally.

User Guide:     After sign in for the service. Your official account will be released within one working day after finished your subscription. You will enjoy unlimited Freecall without any restriction during a subscribed plan period. No any hidden cost; No longer get any phone bill. You will able to talk as long as you like. It is really FREE that you havn't seen before. With FreeCall, you can stay in touch with your friends and family, but don’t need to worry about a costly phone bills.


  • Simple Configuration.

  • Just 2 steps to finish an account setup.

  • Built-in Free codec: G.729; G.711a/b.

  • Personal TV with Global channels.

  • Speaker / Mic gain control.

  • Contact list managed.

  • Log record for calling history.

  • Support VPN.

  • Similar as any usual calling, just dial “900” and country code +Phone No.

  • Available for DID to receive incoming calls from usual mobile and PSTN landline .

  • Make/Receive VoIP calls over WiFi; Lan.

  • Simplify dialing for domestic calls without added 900_Country code. Just dial your domestic phone no same as usual.

  • 4 Themes are available to be changed.




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