Our desktop-speaker phone, ATA box, IPBX exchanger are made with advanced and latest VoIP Chip-set for Freecall users in-need specially. Once you get it, all you need is just plug it into an internet accessing router and you are ready to call. No any setup; No more further steps for subscription; No more user information will be required. Use it just as your homephone usually.

      Apps are installed from Google play, Apple store, Nokia play and is ready for you to configure your Freecall account. Enjoy free calls on your cellphone with your favorite Freecall for the unlimited calls to your desired destinations. Our cellphone Apps will be resident working in background of mobile for easy dialing. Be sure the introduced one on the platform will fit for you.

     Freecall softphone also run on Windows platform. No matter if you are using a Laptop, Netbook, PC, we got a solution for all Windows versions and we are working hard on adding even more. If you are traveling and observe a PC which not available to be allowed install your softphone program, Freecall USB dongle will be a good gadget with you to make calls w/o installing.

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Desktop Speaker-phone


Freecall (ATA) Box


FreecallTV Set top box



Apps & Softwares for Freecall

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Freecall 3G App on Android


Freecall- Zoiper SIP


Freecall- Linphone SIP


Freecall-Softphone on PC



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