Freecall Introduction

Want to make free calls from your PC or smartphone? Now unlimited global call service delivers this possibility to you. Get started with us and you can talk with anyone anywhere who even without internet within 45 countries. Using our service, No monthly fee, No credit cards. No hidden cost, No marketing hype. Callfree as long as you like. It is very easy to use, just like making a normal call with your favourite phone. Try to surf on this web for staying longer...One subscription for a full year free callings.


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How Freecall to Work

FREECALL manage a several huge pools with a thousand of ports to allow users in difference regions to make unlimited free phone calls to any mobiles and PSTN landlines through our reliable network. Freecall is a membership based VoIP calling service. Once you subcribe for a member, you can make freecalls using any internet accessible devices, sip app, softphone on PC i.e. computers, smart phones; tablets as well as VoIP phone or ATA gateway etc. All recipients will not need internet access to get your calls with any traditional home phones or mobiles on their existing networks. Freecall really offer you to make all domestic or long distant calls at zero cost.

Where You can Reach

Not like Skype, Line or Viber, Freecall member will reach to any traditional phone or mobile without internet accessing in any country within standard service zone. In case your desired country is not listing in standard zone, join for special plan that it will also allow you to call any country where is located out of standard service zone. You will also obtain unlimited free minutes reaching to the desired country. If Freecall member wants to call another freecall member who located in world wide, he can make calls through Freecall InterCall directly to any country without country restriction. Visit our Country List for our coverage.


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